Was Your Last Home Inspector Blind?

Learn 6 Things You Must Know To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Home Inspector!

avoid the blind inspector

1. Get a Home Inspector With Lots Of Experience.

It takes a full-time inspector at least 50 inspections to start to develop the eyes, ears, and nose for hunting down problems. Part-time home inspectors simply don’t have the time in the field to develop that radar. Be sure to ask how many inspections the inspector conducts annually and how many years he/she has been doing them. A quality full-time home inspector
conducts between 300 and 400 inspections annually – blind inspectors conduct 50 to 100 inspections annually. Conducting 300-400 inspections each year requires extensive referrals, by prior clients, lenders, real estate agents, and others — so there is a much greater chance the inspector is NOT blind!

All of the inspectors at the Idaho Elite Inspection Team conduct 300-400 inspections annually and are required to go through our comprehensive 10 Week Training Program even after becoming state-licensed!


2. Education & Training

Did the inspector attend one of the top home inspection schools, or did he complete a correspondence course, or have his brother-in-law, Bubba show him how to inspect?

Upon completion of the inspector’s formal education did he complete a 10-week comprehensive training program? Or did the inspector learn on the job at the Buyer’s expense? If the inspector is a one-man operation, then who is checking the quality of the inspector’s work? Engineering and technology in today’s homes are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Comprehensive continuing education and training are a must!

All Idaho Falls home inspectors at Idaho Elite Inspection Team have CE requirements that get met and reports and procedures and reports are constantly evaluated!


3. The Inspection Report

The top home inspectors in today’s business don’t produce handwritten reports. PDF reports are also now outdated! A professional inspector will provide a Web-Based, Interactive Report. Technology has evolved where you should expect to receive photos you can blow up and videos of items discovered during the course of the inspection. The report should be
easy to read with specific categories to help you prioritize which items should be addressed first.

The report should not contain repair costs or action plans for repairs. Professional Idaho Falls home inspectors inspect — they don’t repair! An inspector that makes repairs should always be avoided due to the conflict of interest inherent in that situation.

Ask for a sample of an inspection report so you’ll know what you can expect for your time and money. After all, you are the client!

Idaho Elite Inspection Team completes each report in an app that allows us to produce the report immediately and review it with you on our laptop! Ask us for a sample report!

“I was very impressed with Idaho Elite Inspections professionalism, thoroughness and overall quality. Scheduling was pleasant and the appointment verification process was seamless. The report that they provided for the property that I purchased is the best I have ever received. It was easy to navigate, thorough and had well documented photos and videos to help all viewing the report to easily understand their evaluations and recommendations. I would use Idaho Elite services again without reservation.” – Review of Idaho Elite Inspection Team By Randy Smith

4. How Long Has The Inspection Company Been In Business?

Is the inspection company locally owned and operated or are they some far away faceless corporation or franchise where no one is monitoring and evaluating the quality of their work? If you are dealing with a multi-inspector firm, how long has the inspection company been in business? Does the inspection company have dedicated employees serving as customer service representatives to schedule appointments and provide any needed follow-up assistance?

Idaho Elite Inspection Team is Locally Owned and Operated with staff to help with your needs. We have thousands of satisfied clients all across Puget Sound!


5. Ask To See What Other Home Buyers Have Said About The Inspector.

Quality Professional Idaho Falls Home Inspectors ask their clients to give feedback upon completion of the inspection. Professional Inspectors want to know what they are doing right, as well as what might need improvement. If the inspector can’t or won’t provide client referrals, he might be blind in more ways than one! Ask for reviews and testimonials from their past clients.

Idaho Elite Inspection Team is Puget Sound’s top-rated inspection company online, with 100’s of 5 Star Reviews from happy clients. 5 Star Service is what we want for you too!


6. Ask Your Lender For A Referral To A Quality Home Inspector.

The lender’s sole interest in the transaction is seeing that YOU get a quality home that’s right for you and your family!

Our 5 Star Home Inspection Review



The decision to buy a home is probably the most important one you will ever make. With all of the time, energy, and money you will invest, it’s important to be sure the home you buy is sound. Our team provides home inspection services that will ensure the safety and peace of mind of our clients – home buyers and sellers and real estate professionals.

We are the Idaho Elite Inspection Team, and we provide comprehensive property inspections to homeowners in Idaho Falls and nearby areas. Our inspectors are highly-trained and experienced professionals who will provide a detailed, accurate report of the property’s condition, from the foundation to the roof. Because your peace of mind is our business, Idaho Elite Inspection Team gives you the most confidence when making one of the biggest investments of your life – your home.

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